Frameworks for HCI


A framework is a basic supporting structure, whose application is for something to be thought about and done. A framework’s application can be assessed for its appropriateness. Frameworks for HCI include: a General Framework; a Framework for HCI; a Framework for a Discipline; and a Framework for a Discipline of HCI.

Frameworks for HCI

Illustrations of Framework Applications

The General HCI Framework comprises frameworks for: Discipline; Design Problem; Research; Knowledge; and Practices. Each is illustrated separately.

Discipline Framework Illustrations

Design Problem Framework Illustrations

Research Framework Illustrations

Knowedge Framework Illustrations

Practices Framework Illustrations

Specific HCI Frameworks

Specific HCI Frameworks comprise: Innovation; Art; Craft; Applied; Science; and engineering. Each is specified and illustrated separately

Innovation Framework

Art Framework

Craft Framework

Applied Framework

Science Framework

Engineering Framework

 Source materials:

Source materials comprise summary, short and complete versions of Dowell and Long (1989).

Dowell and Long (1989) – Summary Version
Dowell and Long (1989) – Short Version
Dowell and Long (1989) – Complete Version