Welcome to HCI Research for All!

The idea behind the site has always been, and continues to be, the support of HCI researchers in building on, and validating,  each other’s work. The aim is to decrease HCI theory fragmentation and so to increase HCI discipline progress, while  preserving the on-going technical and human diversification of HCI. The contrast is with HCI community progress, which continues apace. 

The site was initially used to develop these ideas on the basis of research, conducted at University College London from 1979 to 2001. The development resulted in the publication of a book, entitled ‘Approaches and Frameworks for HCI Research’, written by John Long and published by Cambridge University Press (CUP – www.cambridge.org/9781108719070). From the date of the book’s publication, that is, 12 February, 2021, it replaces the website, as a citable source for the particular expression of those ideas. The original website has been retained by way of archives of Approaches and Frameworks. The latter may be of interest to researchers in the origin and development of the ideas behind the book.          

Feedback on all aspects of the book and the site is welcome and should be sent to myself at <j.long@ucl.ac.uk>. It will be added to the site as a post and the authors informed.

John Long (February, 2021)