Photo of JohnWelcome to HCI Research for All!

The aim of the site is to make it easier for HCI workers to build on each other’s work to combat the present fragmentation of HCI theory and so to improve HCI discipline progress.

There are many ways of doing HCI and as many ways of doing the supporting research. At its most general, research acquires and tests new HCI design knowledge. However, that knowledge takes very different forms – experience for practitioners; dissertation results for students; patents for research and developers; models and methods for academics etc. Hence, the ‘Welcome for All’ here is for all HCI workers conducting all different types of HCI research.

The support for HCI research here takes the form of Approaches and Frameworks. The approaches currently include HCI as: Innovation; Art; Craft; Applied; Science and Engineering, although more may be added, if required. A framework is proposed for each approach. A Design Research Exemplar is associated with each of the former. Frameworks for HCI research are not new and many frameworks already exist. The claimed novelty of those proposed here is the inclusion of: Approaches as well as Frameworks (compatible with each other); different, but compatible, types of Approaches and Frameworks; and compatible Design Research Exemplars. These different forms of compatibility are intended to make it easier for researchers to build on each other’s work and so to improve HCI discipline progress.

Feedback on all aspects of the site is welcome and should be sent to myself. It will be integrated into the site as appropriate.

John Long (April, 2016)