The Framework Archive takes on its new function as archive of the website, rather than constituting the website itself. The change occurs at the same time as the book ‘Approaches and Frameworks for HCI Research’ is published. The author is John Long. The publisher is Cambridge University Press (CUP). The publication date is March, 2021 (

The Research Archive, as a website, provided the basis for the book. The book now replaces the website. So, why retain the archive? Here are the reasons.

First, the archive provides access to original material, which is referenced and discussed by the book, but not included in it. An example is the research paper of Long and Dowell (1989), which is central to the book’s general framework.

Second, the archive makes a number of these original materials more accessible to the reader. An example, is the different length summaries of the Long and Dowell (1989) paper.

Third, readers may be interested in the development of the ideas by the website, which did, or did not, find their way into the book.

However, it must be made clear, that from the date of its publication, the book replaces the website. The latter exists only as an historical archive and cannot be referenced in any other way.

Frameworks for HCI


A framework is a basic supporting structure, whose application is for something to be thought about and done. A framework’s application can be assessed for its appropriateness. Frameworks for HCI include: a General Framework; a Framework for HCI; a Framework for a Discipline; and a Framework for a Discipline of HCI.

Frameworks for HCI

Illustrations of Framework Applications

The General HCI Framework comprises frameworks for: Discipline; Design Problem; Research; Knowledge; and Practices. Each is illustrated separately.

Discipline Framework Illustrations

Design Problem Framework Illustrations

Research Framework Illustrations

Knowedge Framework Illustrations

Practices Framework Illustrations

Specific HCI Frameworks

Specific HCI Frameworks comprise: Innovation; Art; Craft; Applied; Science; and engineering. Each is specified and illustrated separately

Innovation Framework

Art Framework

Craft Framework

Applied Framework

Science Framework

Engineering Framework

 Source materials:

Source materials comprise summary, short and complete versions of Dowell and Long (1989).

Dowell and Long (1989) – Summary Version
Dowell and Long (1989) – Short Version
Dowell and Long (1989) – Complete Version